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Raziel Are You There God

Moderation? Pfft! No.

I've been absent from Livejournal for the past month and a half. My reasons:

Final exams
Writing challenges (from Tumblr)
Coming home after exams
Being with my family without my laptop in front of me
The Sims
Christmas (more about that later)
XBox 360 and four wonderful games that go with it.

I will try to address these as best as I can.

Tumblr took me over a little while before I posted last. I thought I could take it. I thought I could be a big girl and operate a Tumblr, a Livejournal, a Facebook, final exams, fanfics, and organize all the end-of-semester social events with my friends, all at the same time. Instead, I dropped off the face of Livejournal and did nothing but study, read fanfics (I wrote nothing, save for one Christmas challenge), and plunk around on Tumblr while other people were in the room. Even then, final exams were a disaster, especially the Probability one. The Linear Algebra was just as bad. All my Psych classes went pretty well though.

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So, Christmas was amazing. Lots of clothes, quaterzaz drew an awesome picture of Grell for me (again, thank you so much!), and much merriment was had.

The day after Christmas, I went and bought an XBox 360, along with Bioshock, Fable II, Assassin's Creed II, and (dramatic effect) Final Fantasy XIII. Lightning has earned all of my love, I can't stop playing Fable II, Bioshock is amazing, and Assassin's Creed II is all kinds of fun (and Ezio looks like a living Raziel. Eeeeeee!)

And now it's almost four in the morning and I need to sleep.
Jones Party Hat

They're Done

My finals. They're done. Woo! And I just BARELY passed Calculus. I mean, by the SKIN of my TEETH. YESSSSSSS!

Weiss disapproves of my ecstasy with my mid-seventies grades but Weiss, being fictional and not in my classes, can suck a bag for the moment. I passed. HUZZAH!

I've got a job lined up for when I get back too. :DDD

Things I Still Need to Do: 
Pack up my room
Go get a final dinner with Russ and Shawn
Clean out my flashdrive

Jones Party Hat


Can't get "Drag" by Hole out of my head. Go look it up on project playlist. It is the BIGGEST EARWORM EVER if only for the first couple seconds. Aa~aaah, (aa~aaa), AAA~aaah, (aa~aaa), etc.

I need to finish this homework. So I've popped about 600 mg of caffiene. Apparently, people around 5'7" will drift of 400 mg for about a day and I'm 5'7"-ish, but I weigh more than the person who answered the question. I'll probably need more to get me through the night, but I'll be up as much of the night as I can be up. I'll be dying for a distraction, especially once I drift into the corrections, so drop me a line. Seriously.


Aa~aaah, (aa~aaa)

Just realized how awkward my sexuality is. The lovers I've had the most fun with both had short, black, kinda floppy hair. Murdoc, my favorite member of Gorillaz, has short, floppy, black hair. Guess what my Dad's hair looks like? Eurgh... I can't wait until I grow out of this Freudian nonsense.


Aa~aaah, (aa~aaa)

Going back home in another two weeks. Can't wait. First thing I want to do is pick up the new Hole album. I am SALIVATING over that thing. It doesn't have Drag on it, but Skinny Little Bitch and How Dirty Girls Get Clean are. I have difficulty explaining my adoration of Hole, but I'll try it. Basically, if Gorillaz is my version of Pop and The Dresden Dolls are my version of classical, then Hole is my version of metal. Technically, they're grunge, but they're loud and shrieky enough to be metal. (Drag isn't a good example of that sound. Drag is more pop-ish, so if you're into that...)

I can't wait until this nightmare of finals is over. I'm putting myself through some really hard paces. They wouldn't be so hard if I had just been preparing over time, but it's still difficult.

I'm going to go do that now. But seriously; If you're online tonight, come talk. If nothing else, my caffiene madness will be kind of interesting.

(PS: Interesting thought I had earlier: Bass tutorials over the summer. Like, go step-by-step through how to play a song on bass, then put it up on YouTube.)

(PPS: My bass infatuation is one more reason why I need to get over Murdoc and my Freudian lunacy.)
Jones Party Hat


This fatigue... Darkness lurking at the corners of my vision... The feeling that I have to upgrade from coffee to a Monster... Yes... This is Final Fatalism 7: Dirge of Exams.


Excerpt from a conversation this morning.

"Weiss. Just... Weiss. Ohmygawd... Weiss. Yes. He and Nero render me incapable of everything but stuttering."

Urgh... Fangirl...

On the plus side, I got chapter 5 of Torch up... Several hours late. Ack... I'll get the next one up fairly early as compensation then. Onto Matchstick, then, even though chibi-fied versions of the Tsviets are chasing each other around with bits of dialogue for My Life Is Average. To clarify, that's mostly Weiss, Nero, Argent and Rosso running around. Shelke and Azul are sitting on the sidelines with juice, chatting about the weather.

So, I'm going home this Friday. It is then that you will recieve the massive amounts of Chirstmas pictures. Of course, that's if I make it through finals. Technically, I only have three, but I also have a paper to turn in for a class. Thankfully, two of those classes are having review sessions and the other one put out a study guide. Woooo... Okay... I can do this. I might have to channel some serious Zack the Puppy Fair energy, but I can do it.

I never talk about him. XDD Bri and I have this really awkward dialogue with Zack and Angeal's mom.

A.M.: Are you Zack the puppy?
Z.F.: Ahaha... No ma'am, note the lack of floppy ears, the lack of wagging tail and this baby-soft skin. No, I'm-
A.M.: But he said so in his letter. *hands Zack a letter*
Z.F.: Huh? *reads* "Uke?" "Easy to get in bed?!" "Restless puppy and perfect housewife?!?" Angeeeeeeeeeal...
Angeal: *wherever he was* :D

... Bri and I just shouldn't be allowed to talk about things. Evar.
Jones Party Hat

Crack Theory

So, basic math.

Shelke = Deadpan
Nero = Snarker
GLaDOS = Deadpan Snarker

Therefore, Shelke + Nero = GLaDOS. Yeah, I'm thinking they both pulled a Hojo, uploaded their personalities into a computer, combined them and that's where GLaDOS comes from.

I have finals in two weeks and the preceding week will be spent studying. Obsessively. I went crazy and made this MASSIVE studying timetable. Then I dropped and had to meditate for three minutes. So, yeah... There's not going to be much communication on this end and, whatever there is, will doubtlessly be laced with paranoia and "OHMYGAWWWWWWWWWWD!"

Torch will still update on time (hopefully) because I'm going to need to calm down SOMEHOW. Any time that my head is too full of knowledge to do anything academic will be spent stuffing Psyphers/bullets up the arses of dragons/DG Soldiers.

Wish me luck!!!!!!