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So Dissidia 012 might be bordering on addiction

Or at least an activity that I refuse to drop.

Lightning and Laguna's interactions are basically the best things I've seen in forever. Made all the better when I use him as the punching bag in Quick Battles (Nothing against him. I just needed a body.) Even so, I'm firmly shipping Kain with Lightning. They just snark each other so badly in the beginning. Then there's the random betrayal with Bartz and subsequent fight that had me simultaneously raging on him and going, "Liam O'Brien is playing another chronic backstabber! SQUEE!" Tifa's voice is... Off. It sounds different. She sounds more girlish as opposed to womanly. It's awkward. But I like what they did with Laguna.

Class in three hours. Urgh...


My personal life is slowly turning into a manga. Seriously. If you take Questionable Content and multiply it by Nana, you've got a pretty good idea of where I am right now. Just replace all the music references (all of them) with video games.

Writing's going well though. Nano isn't happening because I'm in college-crunch time, but the fanfictions spring up pretty well.

Doncamatic came out. It's garbage. I'm not surprised.

Wash did the Weiss laugh. In front of me. Intentionally. Apparently I have a very funny reaction to it. It's like, "No shit! I've told you I'm virtually married to the guy and you're DOING HIS TRADEMARK PSYCHO LAUGH RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!" 

Meh... Need to start playing things cooler. Before my life really DOES turn into Nana. But does that make me Komatsu or Osaki? Hnmmm...
Jones Party Hat


So... Silent Hill is practically a family friend. Has been since I was little. It used to be that Silent Hill and my dad would kick back with some beers and chat the night away. More recently, Silent Hill has been hanging out with me. It was then that Silent Hill introduced me to its buddies: Nightmare Fuel, Mind Screw, and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. I'd like to focus on that last aspect.

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn is THE SHIT. She's AMAZING. I've done her SH3 songs at karaoke nights. Her work in SH4 has lulled me to sleep after long days. I can't vouch for her work on Silent Hill Origins or Homecoming, but I'm willing to bet that her vocals are the only good parts about the games. To say nothing about how much I loved her as Rosso. More recently, her voice work in Silent Hill Shattered Memories, in which she sings all four songs that can possibly be an ending song, have given me pure chills. PURE CHILLS. Listen to everything she's done. Now. Here's a link to the names.


That being said, am I the only one who loves the fact that The Undertaker in Kuroshitsuji looks vaguely like Weiss at a first glance? 
Weiss Lean

A Day. Today Was One.

First of all, I didn't sleep night before this one, so most of my morning was spent in a haze.

From 8 to about 9:30, I watched The Brood. Since it was from about the Driller Killer era, I expected cheap effects, bad acting and a generally boring movie. Well, I guess when you shoot movies in Canada, they get better because this was AWESOME. And a bit gross. To quote TVTropes, "External uterus." I loved the movie immensely but oh my GOD the last ten minutes are gross.

I had to go to the doctor around 11 because I haven't been menstruating since March. He thinks something is up with my thyroid or that I'm under stress. So he made me go get blood taken to check my thyroid. I'd... LIKE to say I was okay with getting the blood taken. I wasn't. I flipped out. <.<;;; Had to think about Dirge to calm myself down and even then my mother had to be in the room with me and I whined like a bitch. When I called Bri later, she told me Weiss would have been ashamed of my behavior. She's probably right.

After that I passed out (when I was back at home, that is. Not back at the hospital) and had a dream. I dreamed that Renald was trying to figure out how my DVD player worked and he couldn't figure out the volume; he kept turning it up too loud or muting it. I kept telling him how to use the controls, but he couldn't remember them. Eventually, my dad came downstairs and I took off walking. While I was walking down the street, I saw Bri's family outside a bowling alley. Suddenly, I'm stacking books on my bookshelf.

After I woke up from that, I ate something, then went on Gaia. Played around there for a bit. They have an MMO attached to their regular game and there are clans in that, which are basically what guilds are to Warcraft. Guys, I found a Tsviet clan. It made my life. I applied immediately.
Jones Party Hat

Forgive me, Livejournal, for I have sinned. A lot. Some more. Again.

Subject was plagarized from a Lolcat. Ohhhh yeah...

Lots of stuff has been going on, but the rate at which the stuff occurred prevented me from typing any of it. I suppose I'll start with last night, which was great. Aida, Shannon and I all went dancing at a club. It was just like the raves at PortCon, only there's comfy leather furniture and it wasn't as hot. Also, I have discovered my secret, if not THE secret, to dancing well. Depending on how tall your dance partner is, imagine it's Weiss (for partners taller than you), Nero (partners about your height. That's probably more of a personalized one, because I'm about 5'7" and Nero is 5'8".) or Zexion (partners shorter than you). It makes the dancing much more enjoyable.

More Amy drama has occurred, but nothing out of the ordinary. Except that I've discovered via Angelica that Amy is terrified of me because she thinks I'm posessed or something. WTF? My Katamari Damacy copy is still in her room too. *sigh* Awkward. Everyone and their dog seems to think she's unstable, so no one wants me to just take Russ along to get it back, so I've been advised to take an RA with me. I asked Carly Bennett and she said she'd do it. The thing is, though, I don't think of Amy as a threat of any kind. A nuisance, maybe, but not a threat.

Russ keeps bemoaning her lack of love life. I don't quite know what I'm supposed to do about that. She has the most unrealistic expectations I've ever seen since I've evaluated my own expectations. And she knows that what she's looking for isn't realistic, but she still seeks it out. In a very passive manner. Namely, by lying around in bed and bemoaning aforementioned lack of love life. Does she expect a fairytale romance to fall through the window? 

I love campus food. I'm being totally serious. No one else I know likes campus food, but it's amazing. Maybe it's the freedom of the fact that I can have Mountain Dew and waffles for brunch and no one bitches.

Earlier, while working, I managed to pull the hell out of a muscle in my back. My mobility is limited along my left side, particularly in my neck. Telling myself that Weiss would totally take the pain isn't helping. I'll probably put something on it when my shift ends... In 2.5 hours. If I weren't getting paid, I'd be so pissed.

So, a list of fun things I've done:
Dragged Russ downstairs to play DoC on the big screen TV in the KQ.
Discovered that weather in Troy is almost as PMS-y as the weather in Maine.
Started reading My Life Is Average.com again.
Had a very in-depth conversation about sex with Aida, Jamie and Shannon outside a club.
Laughed about creepy pedos with Jamie.
Danced with a younger, black version of Murdoc.
Discovered my awesome fangirl dancing secret.
Ate a waffle.
Checked for my Chem grade.
Developed a Loveless fetish. (No, FF7 fans. Not the play. The manga. Though Bri and I have developed headcanon crack in which Genesis actually reads the manga, loves it and buys the DVDs.)
Ordered Loveless 1-8 via Interlibrary-Loan.

Gotta go back to work soon, but I want some fruit. Or another waffle. Ehn...