Sephiroth Party

Cloud Strife... *SIGH*

The man qualifies for PTSD in a clinical way. Just ran him through the DSM-IV, according to the movie. He passes, if only because of all his lovely, Geostigma flashbacks. Which sort of makes me think that Geostigma could sort of act as a semi-infectious version of PTSD. PTSD meets the common cold.

*Buries self in articles*
Shelke Eyes

Shelke is glaring because she's been cut from the project. Le sigh.

So, I just met with one of my advisers, concerning the FF7 project. Initially, my idea had been to do a cognitive analysis of the main party's motivations and ties from cognitive perspectives (that's paper 1) and a psychoanalytic look at every villain who has ever dared to cackle onscreen (Rufus, the Turks, Lucrecia, and Angeal included, even if they don't cackle). I presented this to Syb. Her response: "That's too big." Okay, you know, fair... So I've cut it down (insert tears here). I'll now just be looking at Cloud's big, fat guilt complex from a cognitive-social perspective and Sephiroth's motivations and relationships from a Freudian perspective. But, in exchange for cutting most of the people from the project, I get to keep my sanity intact AND I might be able to submit my work with Sephiroth to the Undergraduate Research Symposium.

I sincerely wish that I could just make a living writing psychological papers about fictional characters. It would be a dream come true. No lies.
Sephiroth Party

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Have you ever walked into a house with a lot of dogs and you have to spend about five minutes sitting on the floor, getting reacquainted with them? Because that's what's happened to me now, only its not dogs. Tsviets everywhere, lining up for face-lickingscharacter re-evaluations, with lots of me going, "Hi! Hiiii~! Yes, I've missed you too! Hello!" Except I don't think I'm allowed to grab Weiss' face and give him a nuzzle without losing my limbs. Painful metaphor aside, readingchick has me writing the Tsviets again, if only because she wrote an amazing piece that anyone who hasn't read it ought to read. For realsies.

The whole thing is likely to be a series of character studies in Silent Hill's hospital level settings, probably having them find some data there because all their computers are dead so Shelke can't just Net Dive. So, a crossover with Silent Hill's natural psychological-horror bent applied to the Tsviets. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to justify their being there. I already used my yearly "They are here because I said so" card on my (first and only) Sengoku Basara fanfic, so I hate to resort to the same trick twice. Plus Weiss is all, "You've known us for YEARS! You can do better than 'because I said so.'" Part of me wants to be all, "Ooo~ What about Portal technology?" That drags a whole other canon to reconcile into it. I badly want this to actually be canon Tsviets because, aside from that Mary Sue thing and two other things, I don't really write them canonically. So I need to mix Dirge canon in such a way that will allow me to plunk them into Silent Hill.

Then there's the problem of which Silent Hill to plunk them into? Do I use the "Semi-scary if you squint at it" version from SH1? The dreary, depressed sad of SH2? The droning, stalker-y horror from 3? 4's desolate swing-and-miss? 5's pathetic excuse for a hospital level? Or 0rigin's updated version of 1? I'm going with 0rigins because the puzzle parts offer some good scenes, but also because there's an asylum a few blocks away and I could see some creepy things going down in there.

So, my actual life is going well. I meet with my advisers next week about the Independent Study, which I've started doing the psychology research for. Expect ramblings that don't fit into the paper to make it here. I had a little trouble getting the books for my Math Literature course, but they're coming in now, so I'm not particularly worried anymore. I've also started a work-out regime, which leaves me very energetic, but sore the next day. I'm thinking its just the new "Hey, you're using these muscles now!" feeling.

Off to read for Math Lit, before getting some serious fanfic done at work!
Weiss Lean

Final Fantasy XIII and WTF NERO

Getting that new laptop sometime next week. *Fluttershy* Yaaaay! */Fluttershy*

Sooo, when I'm not having horrible screaming matches with Silent Hill Homecoming, I play Final Fantasy XIII. When I play Final Fantasy XIII, I SHIP EVERYONE OH GOD fall into an irreparable puddle of squee, broken only by fights, Sazh, and Snow. I just don't... Like them. I find Sazh to be really lazy and just kind of there for comedic relief. I feel like Snow's only anything is Serah. His motivation? Serah. His solution to his problems? Serah. How he takes his coffee in the morning? However Serah brings it to him. If I had to say something positive about him, I'd say that he's... Devoted to his cause.

Hope is the main person who turns me into puddles of Squee. Everything out of his mouth either prompts "OMG YOUR SOOOO CUUUUTE!" or "OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH EEEEE" from me. He's just a little cutie and I want to cuddle the poor kid.

I've found that a handful of people who played XIII didn't really like Vanille, which is odd because I liked her from the get-go. She's actually HAPPY, something that CERTAIN protagonists (*cough*Vincent*hack*Cloud*throat-clear*) could learn from. I just want Vanille to follow everyone around with a newspaper and thwack them on the head when they're being mopey.

I don't know a damn thing about Fang yet, aside from the fact that she is fffFFFFGORGEOUS and that Lightning apparently hits her in the face.

Speaking of Lightning, I love her. She's a complete bitch sometimes ("Worst birthday ever" scene and "You're slowing me down, Hope! DX" coming to mind), but I completely love her.

I have no fanfic plots yet, but I'm only about 10 hours in and haven't even met everyone, so that will come later.

Speaking of fanfic plots,

Dear Nero,

I'm happy that I'm up for writing you again, really. Words can't describe my happiness. I have this great Shelkero plot for... N-Nero? Nero, why are you...? The Turks?! ELENA?! Nero, c'mon, I... Originality challenge, eh? ... Only as a crack-pairing, mister, and you are going to be the snarkiest, most manipulative bastard in the world.

I love you (but what the flying hell?!),

~ A.H.
Raziel Are You There God

Moderation? Pfft! No.

I've been absent from Livejournal for the past month and a half. My reasons:

Final exams
Writing challenges (from Tumblr)
Coming home after exams
Being with my family without my laptop in front of me
The Sims
Christmas (more about that later)
XBox 360 and four wonderful games that go with it.

I will try to address these as best as I can.

Tumblr took me over a little while before I posted last. I thought I could take it. I thought I could be a big girl and operate a Tumblr, a Livejournal, a Facebook, final exams, fanfics, and organize all the end-of-semester social events with my friends, all at the same time. Instead, I dropped off the face of Livejournal and did nothing but study, read fanfics (I wrote nothing, save for one Christmas challenge), and plunk around on Tumblr while other people were in the room. Even then, final exams were a disaster, especially the Probability one. The Linear Algebra was just as bad. All my Psych classes went pretty well though.

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So, Christmas was amazing. Lots of clothes, quaterzaz drew an awesome picture of Grell for me (again, thank you so much!), and much merriment was had.

The day after Christmas, I went and bought an XBox 360, along with Bioshock, Fable II, Assassin's Creed II, and (dramatic effect) Final Fantasy XIII. Lightning has earned all of my love, I can't stop playing Fable II, Bioshock is amazing, and Assassin's Creed II is all kinds of fun (and Ezio looks like a living Raziel. Eeeeeee!)

And now it's almost four in the morning and I need to sleep.

Beating a Dead Chocobo

Dear author,

The Tsviets are FUCKING SOLDIERS! Rosso and Azul will not be ignoring Nero without getting reprimanded and/or fought by him. Shelke will not be shying away from Nero and telling him to not come near her. I imagine that would be met with something along the lines of "Excuse me, lass, what the hell did you just say?" Followed by a beat-down. Especially if Weiss was in the vicinity (which he was).

Your Nero is a whimpering pile of emo. Cut it out.

Going to be writing a monster of a review here.

~ A.H.

(PS: ... What the hell? Just... No. You didn't even fucking warn for ED triggers. I don't care if I don't have one, that's the kind of shit you warn for. And since when is Nero so susceptible to anything Azul says that he would develop an eating disorder in response to what the man says?

Lastly, OHAI surprise sex! I'm skipping you, considering that you weren't warned for. This fic is rated M, but its not tagged as romance and doesn't mention that two people will be having sex at all.)

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Weiss Lean


Late by 24 hours. I'll be going off to get my ass thrown in the mako self-flagellate over this.

It's also worth noting that I'm working on a Dissidia Crossover with the Tsviets. And I turned in my application for that Independent Study. It's been decided that I'll be doing two papers, analyzing various characters from a cognitive point of view, then from a psychodynamic point of view. WOO! And, on the note of classes, I've got my classes for next year sorted out. I'll be in Literature of Mathematics, Social Psychology, Gender and Sexuality, and Statistics (more ramped up version of the subject). Along with that Independent Study.

Matchstick Sequel, so all the standard warnings from Matchstick apply, including a pinch of NSFW.

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Sebastian Hearts

So Dissidia 012 might be bordering on addiction

Or at least an activity that I refuse to drop.

Lightning and Laguna's interactions are basically the best things I've seen in forever. Made all the better when I use him as the punching bag in Quick Battles (Nothing against him. I just needed a body.) Even so, I'm firmly shipping Kain with Lightning. They just snark each other so badly in the beginning. Then there's the random betrayal with Bartz and subsequent fight that had me simultaneously raging on him and going, "Liam O'Brien is playing another chronic backstabber! SQUEE!" Tifa's voice is... Off. It sounds different. She sounds more girlish as opposed to womanly. It's awkward. But I like what they did with Laguna.

Class in three hours. Urgh...
Jones Party Hat


Dear Tutorial Moogle in Dissidia 012,

How the FLYING HELL did you manage to summon a Feral Chaos to kick my cocky ass?!

~ A.H.


Dear Lightning,

I have limited experience with you so far. Played none of your games, didn't do any preliminary research, nothing. But HOMUHGAWD, YOU'RE SO COOL! :D

~ A.H.


Other things I'm doing:
* Paperwork for the Independent Study
* Contemplating the pros and cons of a Women's Studies minor versus a Music Minor.
* Fanfiction. Forever.

Icon is so relevant


Next year, my course listing will include the phrase "Developmental Trajectories in Final Fantasy VII."

Never have I wanted to hug a teacher so badly in all my life!