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My personal life is slowly turning into a manga. Seriously. If you take Questionable Content and multiply it by Nana, you've got a pretty good idea of where I am right now. Just replace all the music references (all of them) with video games.

Writing's going well though. Nano isn't happening because I'm in college-crunch time, but the fanfictions spring up pretty well.

Doncamatic came out. It's garbage. I'm not surprised.

Wash did the Weiss laugh. In front of me. Intentionally. Apparently I have a very funny reaction to it. It's like, "No shit! I've told you I'm virtually married to the guy and you're DOING HIS TRADEMARK PSYCHO LAUGH RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!" 

Meh... Need to start playing things cooler. Before my life really DOES turn into Nana. But does that make me Komatsu or Osaki? Hnmmm...
Tags: fanfiction, fangirlism, manga, nanowrimo, relationships, weiss, wtf

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