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So... Silent Hill is practically a family friend. Has been since I was little. It used to be that Silent Hill and my dad would kick back with some beers and chat the night away. More recently, Silent Hill has been hanging out with me. It was then that Silent Hill introduced me to its buddies: Nightmare Fuel, Mind Screw, and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. I'd like to focus on that last aspect.

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn is THE SHIT. She's AMAZING. I've done her SH3 songs at karaoke nights. Her work in SH4 has lulled me to sleep after long days. I can't vouch for her work on Silent Hill Origins or Homecoming, but I'm willing to bet that her vocals are the only good parts about the games. To say nothing about how much I loved her as Rosso. More recently, her voice work in Silent Hill Shattered Memories, in which she sings all four songs that can possibly be an ending song, have given me pure chills. PURE CHILLS. Listen to everything she's done. Now. Here's a link to the names.


That being said, am I the only one who loves the fact that The Undertaker in Kuroshitsuji looks vaguely like Weiss at a first glance? 
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