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I... Oh God... Uuuuuuuuuuggggggggghhhhhhhh...

Played some Dirge today. Had a strange idea that I need to watch some cutscenes to confirm.

SageFest has come and gone. I spent very little of it outside. More time discussing matters of video games and the "Everyone knows my ex" trope.

I've been hanging out at RPI more. Very odd, considering my usual misandry. Maybe I'm just more comfortable in male environments where I KNOW that males are expected to be there.

Dear Nero, 

I... I... Ffffffuck...

It has come to my attention that you... Shhhhhit...


You and Tommy Wiseau in "The Room" look wayyyy too similar for me to love you anymore!!! DDDDDDDD: It WOULD HAVE BEEN just the hair, but the fact is that you're both really fucking creepy (but I actually loved you for it <3) was enough to make me give a good-natured cringe.

But the fact is that, as a film written, directed, produced by Tommy Wiseau, starring Tommy Wiseau, there are a lot of nude scenes in that movie. Sex scenes, in fact. With Tommy Wiseau's pale, naked, PULSATING ass on screen.

Now, every time I look at you, the pulsating ass will come back to mind and I'll picture YOUR ass pulsating and Weiss will beat me up for having dirty thoughts about his little brother and Shelke will beat me up for having dirty thoughts about her boyfriend lover co-worker fellow Tsviet. So, in conclusion, I cannot be with you like this anymore.

Sorry, Nero. ilu. ;_;

~ A.H.
Tags: college, letters, nero

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