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Because saying this anywhere else would be rude...

Dear Girl in My Year,

You are not the president of the Aikido club. You are not one of the acting co-presidents of the Aikido club. You are a new person to this club and haven't actually practiced with us once. If you were the girl who had a bit more experience in the art, but none in the club, I'd probably be happier to defer to you. But you're not. You have no power in the GSA and, since you seem to be under the impression that we need leadership, you are trying to get your authoritative rocks off here. We have authoritative figures already, and I'm not even the main one. Stop acting like you are, get the FUCK off my back, I will e-mail you when I am good and ready.

~ A.H.

(PS: If you have strep throat, why the flying FUCK did you come to Aikido club in the first place?! It's a contact martial art!! Jesus Christ!)

Tags: aikido, college, letters, rant

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