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Things I've been obsessing over lately: 
  • Legacy of Kain, again. This time mostly trying to get the story straight. There's way too much time travel for me to keep. It's got the opposite of Dirge's issue. In Dirge, the time-line is very flexible. Lots of, "Maybe he did, maybe he didn't." LoK has too much time travel to be able to mess up. Only having access to two of the games isn't helping. It's mostly me checking back through websites and going, "Oh, that's So-and-So! ... Not very cute, huh?" 
  • The Maria Bamford Show. Look that up on YouTube. She's hilariously neurotic.
  • The Jeep Song. Will I ever get tired of The Dresden Dolls? Like, ever? I mean, they're good, don't get me wrong, but is this level of listening truly necessary?
  • Criminal Justice class. Justified. It's my lowest grade right now and I want to raise it. Immensely.

Azul character sheet: 

  • By Dirge of Cerberus, he's 33.
  • He's at 285 cm. That's about 9'4" if I'm doing my math right. For the more visual among us, that's the typical clearance height for a TRUCK.
  • Born and raised outside of DeepGround. Recruited for SOLDIER by the Turks. Brought down to DeepGround.
  • The guidebook describes him as, "in control out in the field," implying that he's one of Weiss' main field commanders.

  • Lives for battle and very little else.
  • Welcomes any promising challenger.
  • Prioritizes his orders above his feelings on any matter.
  • Doesn't question orders, simply carries them out.

  • Because he underwent the Metamorphose experiments, he can take a new form, "ArchAzul." This sort of resembles a cross between an armadillo and a dog. Among his powers as ArchAzul are more destructive power with his limbs and energy crystals.
  • General strength, which could outrank Weiss'. The difference being that Weiss is fast enough to avoid any potentially damning blows.
  • Uses a cannon as a weapon.
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