M (akaihikari) wrote,

Updating from Woooork

For no real reason. Only to say that I am updating. Glee.

So, some letters: 

Dear Shelke,

Stop that. Right now. I don't care if Missed Me could be your anthem for every plausible pairing in Dirge for you. I'm not making an AMV of that. Do you know how many of my AMVs you already starred in? Two out of three, dear Shelke. Do you know how many I've wanted to make that had you as the main? A lot. Almost all of them involved The Dresden Dolls. I don't know why you click with them, but cut it out.


~ A.H.

Dear Kain,

FUCK YOU, YOUR FACE LOOKS LIKE A TREE!!! To say nothing about the rest of you. So stop having a sexy voice. Okay? Okay...

Not as much love,

~ A.H.

*deep breaths, deep calming breaths* *... SNAP*

Dear Weiss and Raziel,

CUT IT OUT. Over the summer, it was cute but I have bigger things to worry about than whether or not one of you hates the other. You two have so much in common. You're both muscle-bound, you're both kind of assholes, you both snark like there's no tomorrow, I love you both. So, RAZIEL, stop purposefully trying to get Weiss to smack you one (though you do deserve it sometimes) and, WEISS, stop letting him get under your skin. Raz-Raz, you get in one corner all by your lonesome (because, really, you have no one who likes you in canon and that's a god damned pity. Janos? Fine. Get in the corner with Janos). Weiss, sweetie, you get in the corner with Nero. In short, both of you, STOP.

Much love,

~ A.H.

Back to working now...
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