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Weiss Character Analysis

In a Weiss-y mood, so I'm getting some things accomplished with him.

The Basics: 
  • We don't know how old he is. We can speculate anywhere between 24 and his early thirties.
  • He's 6'2", making him the second-tallest Tsviet (first being Azul).
  • Born and raised in DeepGround.
  • Older half-brother of Nero the Sable
  • First-in-Command of DeepGround
  • According to the official guidebook, "young, strong, extremely talented fighter." 

Personality (When he has his own)
  • Cocky during his fight
  • Darkly playful
  • Very to-the-point when delivering orders
  • Charismatic, but that doesn't mean he's nice

  • Two katana-blades, dubbed Heaven and Earth
  • Duplication, with the "clones" acting independently of the original
  • Capable of absorbing pure mako into himself, effectively absorbing pure energy without the need to convert it from any source (ie: food).
  • Has all of DeepGround at his disposal.

Tags: fandom, weiss

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