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College Funs

Hello everyone! :D

So, first week of college has been amazing. Met all my old friends, starting to bond with some other people, writing again, playing my games still. Everything is completely cool! :3 Thing is that the campus has been in the middle of this MONSTER of a heat wave. Like, 90's on a regular basis. The dorms have no fans, no AC, no central air, so I've been sweating it out nightly. On the plus side, it's doing wonders for my skin. On the downside, it's really fucking hot.

Classes have been good. Favorite is shaping up to be Statistics, followed by Human Development and Criminal Justice and ending with English. It's not that English is a bad class, it's just that I can barely call it a class because we don't meet, we aren't lectured, I don't think I've ever even met the teacher. It's all online and at our own pace. It's barely a class.

I have no roommate. Don't ask me how that particular miracle occurred. Apparently Shawn must have ditched school or something, because she's nowhere to be found, so I have the whole room all to my lonesome. On one hand, yay, because I can do what I want, when I want and generally turn in when I want. On the downside, I had been counting on Shawn to bring in stuff for the room, like curtains and a microwave. Whatever, it's a small price to pay.

Got an idea for a Tsviet!fic. Not THE most plausible thing in the world, but moreso than Weiss serenading Argent from a truck bed, anyway. Also, it introduces the concept of Tsvietbians (LesbiTsviets, if you will). In the middle of writing it, but I thought I'd check in with everyone. I'll be online tonight for the discussion, because I don't even have to be in to work until 1 tomorrow.
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