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A Day. Today Was One.

First of all, I didn't sleep night before this one, so most of my morning was spent in a haze.

From 8 to about 9:30, I watched The Brood. Since it was from about the Driller Killer era, I expected cheap effects, bad acting and a generally boring movie. Well, I guess when you shoot movies in Canada, they get better because this was AWESOME. And a bit gross. To quote TVTropes, "External uterus." I loved the movie immensely but oh my GOD the last ten minutes are gross.

I had to go to the doctor around 11 because I haven't been menstruating since March. He thinks something is up with my thyroid or that I'm under stress. So he made me go get blood taken to check my thyroid. I'd... LIKE to say I was okay with getting the blood taken. I wasn't. I flipped out. <.<;;; Had to think about Dirge to calm myself down and even then my mother had to be in the room with me and I whined like a bitch. When I called Bri later, she told me Weiss would have been ashamed of my behavior. She's probably right.

After that I passed out (when I was back at home, that is. Not back at the hospital) and had a dream. I dreamed that Renald was trying to figure out how my DVD player worked and he couldn't figure out the volume; he kept turning it up too loud or muting it. I kept telling him how to use the controls, but he couldn't remember them. Eventually, my dad came downstairs and I took off walking. While I was walking down the street, I saw Bri's family outside a bowling alley. Suddenly, I'm stacking books on my bookshelf.

After I woke up from that, I ate something, then went on Gaia. Played around there for a bit. They have an MMO attached to their regular game and there are clans in that, which are basically what guilds are to Warcraft. Guys, I found a Tsviet clan. It made my life. I applied immediately.
Tags: bri, dreams, fangirlism, gaia, horror movies, insomnia, sick, tsviets

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