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Can't get "Drag" by Hole out of my head. Go look it up on project playlist. It is the BIGGEST EARWORM EVER if only for the first couple seconds. Aa~aaah, (aa~aaa), AAA~aaah, (aa~aaa), etc.

I need to finish this homework. So I've popped about 600 mg of caffiene. Apparently, people around 5'7" will drift of 400 mg for about a day and I'm 5'7"-ish, but I weigh more than the person who answered the question. I'll probably need more to get me through the night, but I'll be up as much of the night as I can be up. I'll be dying for a distraction, especially once I drift into the corrections, so drop me a line. Seriously.


Aa~aaah, (aa~aaa)

Just realized how awkward my sexuality is. The lovers I've had the most fun with both had short, black, kinda floppy hair. Murdoc, my favorite member of Gorillaz, has short, floppy, black hair. Guess what my Dad's hair looks like? Eurgh... I can't wait until I grow out of this Freudian nonsense.


Aa~aaah, (aa~aaa)

Going back home in another two weeks. Can't wait. First thing I want to do is pick up the new Hole album. I am SALIVATING over that thing. It doesn't have Drag on it, but Skinny Little Bitch and How Dirty Girls Get Clean are. I have difficulty explaining my adoration of Hole, but I'll try it. Basically, if Gorillaz is my version of Pop and The Dresden Dolls are my version of classical, then Hole is my version of metal. Technically, they're grunge, but they're loud and shrieky enough to be metal. (Drag isn't a good example of that sound. Drag is more pop-ish, so if you're into that...)

I can't wait until this nightmare of finals is over. I'm putting myself through some really hard paces. They wouldn't be so hard if I had just been preparing over time, but it's still difficult.

I'm going to go do that now. But seriously; If you're online tonight, come talk. If nothing else, my caffiene madness will be kind of interesting.

(PS: Interesting thought I had earlier: Bass tutorials over the summer. Like, go step-by-step through how to play a song on bass, then put it up on YouTube.)

(PPS: My bass infatuation is one more reason why I need to get over Murdoc and my Freudian lunacy.)
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