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Crack Theory

So, basic math.

Shelke = Deadpan
Nero = Snarker
GLaDOS = Deadpan Snarker

Therefore, Shelke + Nero = GLaDOS. Yeah, I'm thinking they both pulled a Hojo, uploaded their personalities into a computer, combined them and that's where GLaDOS comes from.

I have finals in two weeks and the preceding week will be spent studying. Obsessively. I went crazy and made this MASSIVE studying timetable. Then I dropped and had to meditate for three minutes. So, yeah... There's not going to be much communication on this end and, whatever there is, will doubtlessly be laced with paranoia and "OHMYGAWWWWWWWWWWD!"

Torch will still update on time (hopefully) because I'm going to need to calm down SOMEHOW. Any time that my head is too full of knowledge to do anything academic will be spent stuffing Psyphers/bullets up the arses of dragons/DG Soldiers.

Wish me luck!!!!!!
Tags: classes, college, crack, final fantasy vii, finals, fml, glados, nero, shelke, theory

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