March 7th, 2012

Jones Party Hat

Guess who finally sat down and played the first bit of FFXIII-2?

All of my thoughts, oh God!

So, I was screaming like a child through the opening cinematic because I love Lightning and Caius that much, apparently. I like the design of Lightning's armor, since it reminded me heavily of Odin Sphere. Very interested to hear more from her, assuming that I can. As for Caius, there are... Many points for me to tackle on him, all of them favorable. I'm intrigued by Yeul, who I'm assuming is his lover. I don't dislike her, though, despite my fangirlism. She hasn't done anything yet, so why should I dislike her? (Or pretend she doesn't exist? Haha, what?) I expected more of a Grimoire Weiss/Ieyasu type voice from him, so I was pleasantly surprised when I heard something much more... Mellow? But the entire fight was screaming. Just, nothing but my squeaks and screaming. Along with quick choruses of "OhmuhgawdOhmuhgawdOhmuhgawdOhmuhgawdOhmuhgawdOhmuhgawd, IT'S CAIUS!!!"

And then... Serah... Ugh... I don't... Let me do Noel first.

I didn't go into the game expecting to like him as much as I do now. He seems like the only sane man in the whole damn thing. Like, he's ridiculously well adjusted, which I liked. I also liked the fact that he's extroverted and charismatic enough to get Serah to do things, but not overly controlling about it. Maybe it helps that he was voiced by the guy who did Thackery Binx on Hocus Pocus (I'm not kidding. Look it up.) I like him. I'm excited for him.

... Okay, now I'll get to Serah.

The reason I liked Serah more than Snow in XIII is because I'd like almost anyone more than I'd like Snow. is because Serah seemed to have a good head on her shoulders. She seemed like a sensible kid, just caught up in something really enormous and she was scared. That's fine. That's fine and understandable. But... XIII-2 just makes me dislike her so much. I don't hate her, it's just that she's really... Like, easily controlled. I don't really like how she's 21-years old, but still has everyone in the village harping on her more than they harp on the kids. In my opinion, this time-travelling adventure with a guy who is actually around to protect her will do her good. And speaking of protection, she doesn't fucking need it. She's twenty-one, she has a knife, and she was taking out monsters like a goddamn boss. Where the flying hell does Gadot get off, telling Serah who she can hang around with and where she can go? Feminism, asshole, HAVE YOU HEARD OF IT?

In short, I'm in love with Lightning and Caius, think Noel is the best protagonist a girl could ask for, and sincerely hope that this is a growing-up story for Serah, because I will be all kinds of pissed if she doesn't grow a pair by the end of this story.