December 29th, 2011

Raziel Are You There God

Moderation? Pfft! No.

I've been absent from Livejournal for the past month and a half. My reasons:

Final exams
Writing challenges (from Tumblr)
Coming home after exams
Being with my family without my laptop in front of me
The Sims
Christmas (more about that later)
XBox 360 and four wonderful games that go with it.

I will try to address these as best as I can.

Tumblr took me over a little while before I posted last. I thought I could take it. I thought I could be a big girl and operate a Tumblr, a Livejournal, a Facebook, final exams, fanfics, and organize all the end-of-semester social events with my friends, all at the same time. Instead, I dropped off the face of Livejournal and did nothing but study, read fanfics (I wrote nothing, save for one Christmas challenge), and plunk around on Tumblr while other people were in the room. Even then, final exams were a disaster, especially the Probability one. The Linear Algebra was just as bad. All my Psych classes went pretty well though.

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So, Christmas was amazing. Lots of clothes, quaterzaz drew an awesome picture of Grell for me (again, thank you so much!), and much merriment was had.

The day after Christmas, I went and bought an XBox 360, along with Bioshock, Fable II, Assassin's Creed II, and (dramatic effect) Final Fantasy XIII. Lightning has earned all of my love, I can't stop playing Fable II, Bioshock is amazing, and Assassin's Creed II is all kinds of fun (and Ezio looks like a living Raziel. Eeeeeee!)

And now it's almost four in the morning and I need to sleep.