October 28th, 2011

Sebastian Hearts

So Dissidia 012 might be bordering on addiction

Or at least an activity that I refuse to drop.

Lightning and Laguna's interactions are basically the best things I've seen in forever. Made all the better when I use him as the punching bag in Quick Battles (Nothing against him. I just needed a body.) Even so, I'm firmly shipping Kain with Lightning. They just snark each other so badly in the beginning. Then there's the random betrayal with Bartz and subsequent fight that had me simultaneously raging on him and going, "Liam O'Brien is playing another chronic backstabber! SQUEE!" Tifa's voice is... Off. It sounds different. She sounds more girlish as opposed to womanly. It's awkward. But I like what they did with Laguna.

Class in three hours. Urgh...