October 16th, 2011

Weiss Lean

But One Day I'll Steal Your Car and Switch the Gears

Why is "The Jeep Song" working so well for the Matchstick sequel that doesn't have a name? It's a happy song! It's all girl-band like! Why?!

So, I picked up Dissidia 012. Haven't touched it yet. I want to get this sequel up first. I'll probably get around to it on Tuesday because I have a lot of time on my hands on Tuesdays. Bri tells me that Laguna's a bitch to play as, but Lightning and Tifa are fun. She also ships Laguna and Lightning. My response: "Ooookay...?"

Ooo! And Halloween's coming, so I got a pair of feathery white wings. Russ and Bri suggested going to the Halloween mixer as Angela. I said if one of them goes as Sebastian, I'll go as Angela. Bri bought fangs. Challenge accepted. (/Azul)