September 10th, 2011

Rosso Die

Rosso Rant 2/5

Hey, FF7 fandom? Yeah, you  guys who write Rosso... Come over here for a sec... No, you're not in trouble, I just want to clear some things up.

See that lady over there? Yeah, Rosso... She's a favorite, you know. Not immensely favorite, but she's definitely up there. She kicks ass. She's mean, but she has her reasons. She doesn't care if you're friend, foe, lover, doctor with a big ol' syringe, whatever. She will kick your ass. Rosso is also tragic, flirty, crazy, and prideful. And I love her to pieces.

So why does the fandom write her as a whore? I mean, yeah, she gets a little handsy with Vincent, but its in the same way that Larxene gets handsy with EVERYONE in Kingdom Hearts. Granted, Larxene usually gets sprayed with the whore-hose too, but Rosso? Rosso, who only got handsy with one guy, one time, and calls everyone darling? I'm seriously inclined to think that she calls Shelke darling, just to be that level of sarcastic and mean.

I don't see Rosso whoring it up with everyone/anyone. I really don't. Rosso has way more at her disposal than just her vagina. That nice double-sided sword that morphs into a gun, for one thing. Then the talons, the heels, the edges on the gauntlets, Bloodburst form... I'd imagine that, if she was just fighting in a T-shirt and shorts, she'd still be able to hold her own in a round of fisticuffs.

Not only does she have more to her than a nice body, but I think she's actually above using it. You'll notice that the word prideful applies to her really, REALLY hard? She'd rather die than be defeated. What makes the fandom think she would degrade herself by relying on sex in order to get what she wants? She's smarter than that. She doesn't need to use sex when she has violence, intimidation, and intelligence over everyone else around her.

TL;DR: Just because she shows some skin and gets a little touchy-feely, Rosso is not a whore.