September 8th, 2011


Hey guys! HEY!

This thing is going on, and it looks like it's gonna be pretty sweet!

Basically, it's a love-fest for all the ladies that fandom seems to hate. I've claimed Rosso, but there's still loads of characters. Plus, plenty of interesting characters to follow (for example, anti-hate rants for Ginny Weasley, Tifa, Kairi, etc.)

So, basically, starting tomorrow, there will be so much talk of Rosso!

(/pimping things out)

Now to go dig out that old Rosso icon.
Raziel Are You There God

... Hn?

Dear Tsviets,

You know how nothing on The Fame Monster works for you people? Why the HELL would ANYTHING from Born This Way work? NO. Furthermore, only one of you even vaguely qualifies for the title of "Bad Kid," and she's not even really what I'd call a kid anymore.

~ A.H.


So, I've been writing again. Wheeee... Fragments of a Shelkero that I'm not going to put up until its nearly done because I apparently have a problem with that. And another scrap of Lines. Woooo...

Probability will eat my heart. Whole and beating. Uggghhh...