September 5th, 2011

Shelke Eyes

Shelke is glaring because my skills with her have languished

So, while talking at dinner, we've decided that I don't pay as much attention to the Tsviets anymore. Trufax: I've been lavishing massive amounts of attention on Galerians and Legacy of Kain, leaving the Tsviets (as Kat, Russ, and Bri put it) "out in the rain, with Shelke doing puppy eyes, Azul scratching at the door, and everyone else death-glaring you." My response:

"... I am a terrible person! DDD:"

So I'm back to ficcing them. The problem is that my flashdrive got... Killed. It doesn't work anymore, meaning that most of my previous work is totalled. The progress will be slow, especially considering that KMart murdered my soul, leaving me with very little talent in the fic department. I'm working on Challenge fic requests to get back into it, but nothing will be updated for a while, because all my progress has been lost! DDD:

So my classes are terrific. Probability, as I've said, is really difficult, but I'm having fun with it. Linear Algebra seems kinda steep as far as the learning curve goes, but I'm working on it. Thank God for the internet. The Psych classes are easy stuff, though. Wheee...

Rooming with Russ is going well, and I spend half of my nights over at Bri's anyway. Yaaaay! The room is beautiful. I forgot my camera at home, but I'll take pictures and put them up here when I've got it from Thanksgiving break.