September 2nd, 2011


Only two days in, and I'm re-thinking my minor...

Dear Probability teacher,

You seem like an amazing teacher. You're very animated for 9 in the morning, you seem to know your subject very well, and you encourage participation, snark, and random things. Excellent.

However, you have a problem. I've noticed that people who are exceedingly knowledgeable about a certain subject seem to think that everyone is on the same step with them, and merrily skip along. You are on, say, K while most of the class (myself included) is still stumbling along C. Too smart to be understood, could be a good way to put it.

Please pull it in, sir. Some of us are only math minors and haven't taken a math class since last year.

~ A.H. (who had no goddamn idea what A U B was until five minutes ago)