August 24th, 2011

Kain Choke A Bitch

He doesn't hate her for her looks

Hey fandom?

Character A and B got together in canon. That's firm. Character C hates the hell out of both of them.

C is not going to go after B just because she's pretty/sensitive/kind/energetic/whatever (this logic can also be applied for C/A, but I don't really read that). C hates B and everything she stands for. He's not going to suddenly fall for her because she's a good person.

There are plausible reasons that C can fall for B. C rides the SS HMS Daddy Issues from the sixth book onwards. Possibly from the get-go. Have him be rebellious and manipulative and go for B that way. By the end, C has acknowledged his mistakes: Make it a redemption thing. But while they're all still in school and C is being a massive D-bag, he's not going to be all, "OMG, B! I just realized what a douche I'm being! Lets make kisses!"

TL;DR: Stop making my favorite antagonist(?) eat his own words for no reason.