August 19th, 2011


Back to these, I see...

Dear Weiss,

I don't care how frequently or how well you display your teeth: I am not making an AMV of you with any Lady Gaga song. I tried that with you, Nero, and Bad Romance. It didn't work. Stop trying to take Teeth and Monster. I don't care that you probably would eat someone's heart if provoked. The answer is no.



So that this isn't a completely bizarre update: DISSIDIA PROGRESS!

WoL: 0%
Firion: 55%
Onion Knight: 0%
Cecil: 81%
Bartz: 59%
Terra: 0%
Cloud: 81%
Squall: 58%
Zidane: 63%
Tidus: 50%
DO: 0%