August 17th, 2011

Weiss Lean


So, I've been working on my house full of crazy. Nero goes... Decently enough. He sort of looks like Eric Draven, but whatever. I can deal with it. Shelke looks amazing, save for the fact that I had to age her up a few years, but that's fixed by downloads. I'm not worried about that. Argent and Rosso look about as good as I can get them. Weiss... Weiss is where I close down the program and continue my search for spiky hair in white. I COULD settle for something else and just be all, "LOL, Argent/Weiss/God made him rinse all the product out!" but my fangirlish dreams integrity will not stoop so low. Same with Azul, but that's less fangirl integrity so much as stubbornness.

(I can't figure out how to install that moodtheme, otherwise it would be up and it would be Weiss, in honor of his holding this madness back.)