July 17th, 2011

Kain Choke A Bitch

Whyyyy? Probably because the new book is coming out in two days.

Dear Kuroshitsuji fanfic authors,

You like SebastianxCiel and ClaudexAlois. I get that. It's more-or-less canon, even if a lot of it is one-sided and construed differently. But for God's sake, does every other fic have to be one of those two pairings!? What happened to Claude and Ciel's creepy little dynamic from episode 10? What happened to Alois being a little creeper and flirting with Sebastian in episode 1? Alois licking Ciel's ear and going "I want you" in episode 6-ish? The butlers feeling each other up in the same episode? Come on, guys! The only affection that is outright canon is Alois' affection towards Claude, and he rejected the shit out of that.

Meanwhile Grell is the fandom bicycle, Ash/Angela doesn't exist, and May-Rin only exists as an author surrogate. Seriously, there are some wonderful people running around here (two of whom had sex with Sebastian, for Christ's sake) and you're all staying safe with your little bocchan who regards him with the same satisfaction most people show towards a well-trained dog. At best!

TL;DR: Just because they get the most screentime together doesn't mean they love each other romantically. See Shelke and Vincent Valentine for further details.

(PS: Seriously, where is the quality Ash/Angela fic!?)