July 1st, 2011

Sephiroth Party

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Letters are amazing!

Dear Cloud Strife,

Quit whining. Seriously. You never bitched about needing a reason to fight before. You're just looking for an excuse to whine at this point. I stopped caring around Advent Children. Stop bitching.


~ A.H.


Soooo, Dissidia updates? Dissidia updates.

WoL: 0%
Firion: 0%
Onion Knight: 0%
Cecil: 81%, level 22.
Bartz: 0%
Terra: 0%
Cloud:81%, level 20
Squall: 0%
Zidane: 0%
Tidus: 0%

Eeee... I've just been taking it slow, doing lots of level grinding.

Then I made the mistake of going up to FF.net to have a poke around in the Dirge section. New Sue... Oh God...

New icons! Yeeeeah!