June 25th, 2011

Shelke Eyes

'Sup 21st Century?

I think this year is the year of modern upgrades because I just got a PSP. Fuck yessss... Will be getting all the shiny games for it over time. As it is, I only got Crisis Core today, but I will be playing it so much that Zack Fair will get a restraining order.

As for why I haven't been around, it's because work has taken over my life. I miss working my cushy library job. Actually, I just miss school in general, but this job pays better.

Games I'm thinking of buying (Recommendations encouraged):

Silent Hill 0rigins: I've heard its garbage, but I feel obligated because its Silent Hill and Homecoming looks too dumb to try.
Me and My Katamari: So much rainbow-colored CRACK.
Both Dissidias: Partially so I can see what all the fuss is about, partially because Kuja is adorable.
Parasite Eve:The Third Birthday: So much fun shall be had, seeing what Aya's been up to.