May 22nd, 2011

Raziel Are You There God

Real Life Stuff: Shit Just Got Real Edition

An entry? On my Livejournal?

Oh Christ, work has taken over my life! I work in K-Mart now, at the register, and it's slowly eating my soul. It's not like the experience is horrible, and I'm being paid well, but my patience is going through a legendary trial. I mean, I know I'm lucky to even have a job in the first place, but some of the people who come through are unbelievable. Example: Last Tuesday, a tiny old lady came up to my register with a monster-load of items, among which were two thirty-six packs of Poise pads. Poise pads are used for incontinence, and sort of function the way menstrual pads do.

So, this old lady comes up with seventy-two of the things and tries to hand me two coupons for them, one for each package so that she can get four dollars off her purchase. Fair enough. Now, the way coupons work is that I ring everything up, hit total, then scan the coupons. Well, I do most of that. One of the coupons goes through okay, the other one says, "Reward not scanned." I tell her this and give her the grand total. She starts to go off about how she gave me the coupon. I have to be excessively patient and go, "Well, ma'am, I understand that you gave me two, but it's not registering the second one." She goes on and on about how I must be wrong, the machine must be wrong, do I want her to take back one of the packages (in effect, holding the line up for easily twenty minutes in the process)? 

Well, my supervisor comes up and I learned the Cardinal Rule of Coupons: Limit of one per customer. So we go back and tell this old lady that. Again, she asks if I want her to hold up the line so she can return them to where she got them. It was just an enormous affair, but what really took the cake was that this old lady simply would. Not. Listen. To anyone. Not me, not my supervisor. No one. And why? For the sake of an extra thirty-six pads.

Lets do the math. That woman comes here about once a week, I've seen her walking around. She's got seventy-two pads. That averages out to about ten pads a day. She comes here weekly. I understand the necessity of stocking up, but she's here freaking weekly. Seventy-two pads. Very few people piss themselves ten times a day. If we wanted to assume that she was making due with the thirty-six pack, she's going about five times a day. I don't even go through that many pads on my period, for God's sake. Why, lady?! Why? What is this, I don't even

To get away from bitching and moaning, school went well. I left this time with three A's, one A-, and one B. To be fair, Experimental Psych was a beast and my partners for a vast majority of it were flakes. The teacher told me that he had more-or-less stacked the groups so that overall we'd even out. While I appreciate non-random assignment (all the moreso because of that class), I feel like the overall result was really unfair to me. I'm just glad I don't have to take that class again. Same with Creative Writing, though that was less about the class being a beast and more about the teacher being a self-important, pedantic whore.

As for the new classes, I'm looking at Linear Algebra, Probability, Biopsychology, Health Psychology, and Cognition. Overall, I've been having the most fun with my Psych classes, but my semester always feels off when I'm not taking Math. Also, my final act on campus was to declare a Mathematics minor. According to my Calculus professor last year, I'm already halfway there.

Housing went well, I'm not sure if I mentioned that. I got into German House but the only downside is that I have to room with Russ again. We both agreed that we'd be more open with our communication and less bitchy about eachother's behaviors. If she and I have issues again, I'm not going to be the one to move though. It was my lottery number that got us into German House and I'm not about to be ousted because she has a problem. Hopefully there will be no issues, but contingency plans are always good to have.