May 3rd, 2011

Kain Choke A Bitch

Oh for the love of...

Dear Fan-author,

Thank you for doing a Kingdom Hearts-Tsviets crossover. It heartens me to know that such things are encouraged. However, you lost points with me before the fic even started. Right up in the authors notes, you say that you've removed Shelke and Argent from the story. You've removed Argent because you don't know anything about her (the rest of us don't either), and you've removed Shelke for what you're calling "good reasons." Author, dear, if your fic doesn't work with Shelke in it, then your story does not work. Shelke was a main character in both versions of Dirge.

Furthermore, you decided to replace dearest Shelkie and Argent with your own OCs. Why? Why couldn't you just keep real characters around and let your OCs (I'm not calling Mary Sue yet because I back-buttoned at the author's notes) do whatever they wanted around them? You didn't have to fully eliminate the both of them. You could have gone, "Yeah, Shelke wasn't really doing much at this point and Argent was eaten by a raging behemoth." Instead, I get the niggling feeling these OCs of yours will be replacing two of my favorite characters' roles. Unacceptable.

You have over 100,000 words on this, which is more than I think I've ever written collectively, so I'm going to assume there's a lot of effort in it. However, I'm going to save it for summertime and when I'm done sporking the other thing.

Love (But seriously, what the hell?),

~ A.H.