May 2nd, 2011

Weiss Lean


Getting closer and closer to THAT SCENE in Heaven Tonight.

Dear Weiss,

Do you have any idea how hard it is to make you in character and tender towards someone who isn't Nero? It's ridiculously complicated. This is, like, God-Mode on I Want to be the Guy kind of hard. God damn you.


~ A.H.


Dear Argent,

I'm trying my damnest not to inflict my own personality onto you, because you have so very little and I'd badly like to be in your shoes. This isn't as hard as making Weiss not be tender, but it has it's difficulties. Clearly, I need to write a fucking essay on your personality or something.


~ A.H.


Next couple of days are looking fun.

Monday (Today):
Ice-cream social for the Sage Ambassadors.
Work (6-9)

Abnormal Psychology Exam (1-3)
Work (3:30-6)

Personality Exams (10:30-3) (She's letting us make-up the multiple choice sections of previous exams and I'm opting to retake all three)
Experimental Psych Presentation (3:30-5)
Work (6-9)

Group Counseling Exam (8-10) (IN THE MORNING! AAAGHH)
Start Packing

Work (11:30-1)
Start Packing