April 23rd, 2011

L Creeper

Another meme?

I'm not even properly done with the last one I posted! DDD:

Ten things about yourself and tag ten people.

1. I hate crying. I understand that it's cathartic, but I'm already too red in the face as it is, so I get all inflamed and sick-looking. And it gives me a headache afterward.

2. I love faux-fur collars. They're just so puffy and pretty!

3. I have a huge fear of snakes that I'm starting to get over. If I get over it fully, I'm going to celebrate by getting a pet one.

4. I think I'm hypersensitive to weather. If it's cloudy outside, I can't even bring myself to get out of bed and I walk around in a haze all day. But if it's sunny, I'm chipper and sweet and lovey towards everything.

5. I think that trying to make things special for different races is racism in itself. We shouldn't be horrifically mean to each other, but we shouldn't be walking on eggshells either. People of other races probably don't appreciate either approach.

6. My summer job will be at K-Mart. I'll be in the gardening department. I hope they're okay with me wearing capri pants, because I feel like dress-slacks would just look silly if I'm going to be in mud all day.

7. I can't study if people are talking around me, but if I have music on, then it's okay. I also need complete and utter silence when I sleep. I tend to achieve that by plugging up my sinuses with my nose and putting a pillow over my ear.

8. I love painting my nails. I usually go with either pink, purple, red, or gold. I also put decals or rhinestones on them whenever I can. Despite all of that, I tend to chew on my cuticles, and I keep my nails very short.

9. Whenever I wear jeans and sneakers, I always feel like a boy. It doesn't matter if they're the girliest set of jeans and sneakers ever, I will feel horrifically masculine.

10. I wear glasses a lot. The weird fact is that I don't really need them. They're fake, fashion glasses that make me look like a stereotypical hipster. But they look good on me, so I wear them.