April 20th, 2011

Jones Party Hat

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Dear Experimental Psych Partner,

I appreciate the fact that you're multi-tasking by having your Senior Seminar paper be the same for our Experimental Psych paper. Seriously, props. I never would have thought of that. However, the urgency with which you're having all three of us read these articles is starting to grate. I'm fine with doing the group work, but I resent doing your homework in the process. Furthermore, body image issues (the topic at hand) has been nailed into my head so hard over the years, I'm waiting for someone to literally take a hammer and some iron to my forehead.

I am that burnt on the subject, but when you and other partner said "Oh, and we're doing body image," I knew that it would be wrong to start an argument when I was clearly in the minority. However, not only are we doing body image, but so is half the class. Surely you can see why I don't like coming into class? Yes? Good. Stop making me subtly do your homework for you. It's lazy and so are you.


Your Experimental Psych Partner Who Doesn't Like Waking Up At 6 in the Morning for Homework.


Got an idea for another one of those "character study" type fics. This one involves Argent and Nero, in a non-Detergent way. More like a big-sister-in-law/little-brother-in-law type way. *sigh* Weiss...

(Sorry to those who commented on that meme post! I'm getting to the questions, I swear! DDDD: )

(ETA: Just put up a fic, oh dear God, what is happening?!lksflksdlkdsflj)