March 27th, 2011

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Rambly Thoughts on Tsviets.

Oddly, very little about the Monochrome Quartet (and if I ever get a band with four people, that will be its name). Instead, I thought a lot about Azul and Rosso yesterday.

Azul seems like the sort of guy who doesn't just want to win a fight. Instead, he wants to win a legitimate fight. You know how it's considered "dishonorable" to hit a man while he's down. Well, I can't see Azul hitting someone while they're down, but not for the same reason. Azul wants a legitimate fight. If he takes a cheap shot, it takes the fun out of it. However, because he's not as passionate about his views as Rosso is, Azul comes off as just SLIGHTLY honorable, even though honor isn't part of DeepGround's curriculum. Actually, I think that might be why the AzulxRosso pairing just works. Same reason as the Rogeal pairing. Rosso kills indiscriminately and, if you happened to be lying on your stomach writhing in pain when she delivers the final blow, well, that's your fault. Azul wants you to stand up and face your death like a man, not because of any moral code, but because he wants to get his enjoyment out of you.

Another level of spork will be up later. Also, I've started a challenge for characterization delving. I'm taking prompts and writing from those, based on the Tsviets. So, yesterday, I ended up writing about Azul's mental process as he fights against Weiss. They'll probably go up as stand-alone fics.