March 26th, 2011

Jones Party Hat

Can't Stop Listening to This Song...

Seriously. I've been listening to Your Love is My Drug for two days now.

Oohh, lets see. Yesterday, I pulled an all-nighter, but that was the day I was hosting a prospective student. So my day went "Sporking -> Class -> Cleaning -> Sleep for an hour -> Hang out with prospective student until 2 in the morning." We ended up at an event called The Gauntlet, which is a big ol' relay race with tasks. I was on the tie-dye team, but the shirt was tie-dyed with different shades of grey. All Tsviet colors were represented, so it gave me fanfic ideas. But I feel like I play too much with college!Tsviets sometimes. Better than high-school!Tsviets, I suppose, but it's a small step up. Then again, maybe I could write high-school!Tsviets, in order to give us something more... palatable than what currently exists there.

Oh, right, I was talking about legit things! Well, Russ and I are considering rooming together again, if only for convenience. We're both convinced that we've grown up enough to not be personally offended/affected by the other's quirks. I've been playing the Legacy of Kain series like a crazy person lately, but Russ is determined that we will play Trauma Team until I am dead from it. I'm actually enjoying it, but I don't play Wii very much, so the controls are weird to get used to.
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 Edited to add thoughts: 

  • I have a desperate need for more Argent in my life. 
  • If you do a Google search for "Final Fantasy VII" "Argent", "Roommates" and "Heaven Tonight" are among the top three results.
  • Since's search is down, I ran a fiddly Google search for more Argent fanfic. Sadly, there is none to be had.
  • I got vaguely excited during that search because people kept using the phrase "Sable and Argent." I mean, it would be Detergent, but what the hell? Sadly, all I found were lots of heraldry or flowery descriptions of Sephiroth.
  •  Someone on Kingdom Hearts Fanfic Rants just posted about hating fluffy!Xehanort, saying that he's a cold scientist and should be depicted as such. It made me very grateful that the most I can freak out about is Nero being a Woobie-fied little girl and Shelke having feelings when inappropriate.
  • I have a desperate need for "MOAR ROSSO!" fic as well.
  • I'm caving and checking out those GenesisxRosso fanfics, now. Ugh...  I'm hoping to find something different.