March 9th, 2011

Sebastian Hearts

Head, meet Desk.

Dear Kuroshitsuji Fandom,

Yes, you knew you'd be getting a letter from me soon enough.

Why is there no decent Ash-and-or-Angela fanfiction? I read ONE fanfic that involved Angela that had a vaguely interesting premise. ONE. There appear to be 12 stories marked for Angela (Ash is unavailable, but he's the same person) in all 4,704 fics on If you do the math, that comes out to one quarter of one percent. WHAT. She was in full lingerie, whipping Sebastian while he was chained to the wall and we get ONE fanfic with her. To say nothing of Ash's relationship with the queen, how an angel came to control a hellhound in the first place, the nature between the "Ash" and "Angela" personas, how Drocell got involved. Everything. Where the hell are those? 

TL;DR: More characters exist than just Sebastian, Ciel, Grell, the Undertaker, and Will. I'd like to see them.


~ A.H.