January 29th, 2011

Jones Party Hat

Why Do I Do These Sweeps?

I keep checking through the FF7 section of FF.net, just to see if something has changed.

Things I've found: 

* More people who seem to think Nero wants Weiss in bed. (Or the same person, by the looks of it.) Back when I was young in the fandom, I shipped them and this feels like a good time to explain WHY I shipped them. One reason, five words: It seemed obvious to me. Nero's sole motivation in the whole game seemed to be "Bring Weiss back." Weiss' ONLY scene in which he was himself involved giving Nero a big ol' hug. Having been raised on the Yaoi tube (aka: The Internet), it wasn't hard for me to go, "Pssh! Yeah! They're lovers!" But then [info]readingchick time and thought forced me to question my logic on where I had gotten that idea.

TL;DR: It's great that you like shipping Weiss and Nero, AnimalCops, but making them have gratuitous and vaguely creepy sex every time you write them isn't really progress.

* Someone who thinks Shelke and Loz should get together. Add that to the KadajxShelke video I saw a few months ago, and I'm just waiting for fanart of Shelke and Yazoo to surface.


* Attention, Odin Sphere fandom: It's great that some of you didn't stick to the canon-established pairs. I see a lot of IngwayxMercedes, but she doesn't really interact with anyone else. Okay, so she talked to Gwendolyn twice, was Oswald's "cousin" and spoke to all the other main characters once a piece. But can we get some originality with her pairings? Please? C'mon, guys, I've seen Onyx and Griselda together now. It's not hard!

* Why did you put a rave in Odin Sphere canon? I'm so confused. They're vaguely medieval. They don't have neon colored things, hoodies, or techno music. I know it's a crack fic, but that doesn't excuse the anachronisms. At minimum, just say its all imported goods. And I see that Velvet bashing you did there. What the flying hell did Velvet do? Seriously. If anything, since you seem to be shipping OswaldxGwendolyn pretty hard there, you should be kissing Velvet's pumps.

* Why did someone write Kuja in prison? Why... I don't... Why? Also, why are we ALWAYS putting him with Zidane? Yes, I know, that last bit in the Iifa tree. Traumatic. But seriously now.

More later.