January 15th, 2011

Jones Party Hat


My behavior is starting to catch up to my sleep schedule. Oh God... So... Tired.

Had a dream last night about snow and Tsviets. I think it was just my head playing over what I was doing today. Basically, the whole dream was from my POV, but "I" was Shelke, which was weird because I'm not used to being that short or running that fast. Also, the whole thing was happening at my house, as opposed to anywhere in the FFVII universe. Anyway, first I went downhill on a sled and said something to Vincent, which must have pissed Cid off because he chased me all the way to the back porch. Weeeeeeird.

I feel like I should be doing something with my waking hours, but school is cooperating with that. Especially since I left my planner in Troy. Oooh, that was so dumb. Speaking of Troy, there's so much CLEANING I'm going to have to do when I get back there. I just packed all my stuff and left in such a hurry. Ugh. And as for packing, I ended up getting mostly clothes this Christmas, so my bag is stuffed. Can't wait until summer when everything will be light and easier to pack than bulky sweaters.

Left my fanficcing flash-drive at Bri's house, which was DUMB. I'm hoping to just get her to e-mail me all my stuff from it so that I can keep writing. If she doesn't, things like Heaven Tonight, Follow Me, Enemy Mine, and The Great Tsviet Prank War  In Another Place won't be updated for months.


Dear Nero,

I keep forgetting how much I LOVE your voice. Seriously. If Weiss didn't have me on a string from the get-go, I'd be on your side. Luckily, since you and Weiss are so close, I don't have to pick sides. Just favorites. And even then, I generally preface all statements with "Well, I love all the Tsviets, but..."


~ A.H.