January 9th, 2011


Holy shiiiiiit

My hair... It... Oh God... I mean, I wouldn't be able to get Weiss on his knees, but I'd be able to make him double-take at least (then again, he's pretty stuck on Argent as far as I know, and the only thing that would get his attention is "Where the flying hell is her armor? She'll be killed in a second, that idiot.")

FFXII is going well, as far as I can tell. I've found... I can't spell his name properly. The red-angel guy. I'm level grinding right now because my tactical skill blows beyond "Everyone go ambush that group of spiders." 

With any luck, I'll be going sledding with Dad tomorrow. WOOT!
Jones Party Hat

... What?

Dear FF.net Author,

Thank you for advertising and delivering on a batshit-crazy Nero. Really, thank you. Few people do that and you did and thank you. But there are some things I took issue with:

Nero never killed Rosso. Ever. Yeah, Rosso probably did have it off with Weiss. And Nero probably was pissed. But he wouldn't have killed Rosso for a couple reasons, the largest being that Nero would never kill a member of the team until commanded.

Secondly, Jesus Christ, why is EVERYONE advertising the Tsviets as tasting bitter AND sweet when kissing? I mean, its a legitimate descriptor, but this is the third one. <.<;;; The package on my Tsviets said "Dark," "White," and "Orange," respectively. There's no semi-sweet label on any of them.

I'm not even going to touch your Weiss. He's beyond out of character. What part of any of his DoC dialogue screamed frantic and easily sexed? Which part? Because I missed it, apparently.

But, once again, THANK YOU for writing a psycho Nero. He doesn't get his proper insanity very often.

~ A.H.