January 5th, 2011

L Creeper


I've been so lazy lately. Haven't really done much of anything and I blame Bri because she's been here for the past two WEEKS. Ask me how many nights of sleep I had that were uninterrupted in those two weeks. Ask. Here's a hint: More than one, less than three. Aaaaa

'Kay, so...

I've been reading a lot more fanfics than I've been writing lately. Exploring things I played/watched/read but never really looked into the fanfic for. FFX for example (Side rant: Why do I ship Yuna with a bunch of different people? So far, my favorite one is Auron but Tidus is what I initially went looking for). No real idea why, nothing's changed. I do have a chapter of Follow Me more or less finished, but I'm skittish about putting it up. It just doesn't feel right. Ditto that post-apocalyptic Shelkero thing Enemy Mine.

Oh GOD, I've been so out of contact. ;_; How is everyone?