September 30th, 2010

Jones Party Hat


Tell me if this sounds like an idea I should pursue: 

It's Twenty Minutes into the Future and a biological purge of everything we carbon-based, fleshy things hold dear has evaporated. Anyone who was ground-level or above has been instantly purged from the world, putting us into a post-apocalyptic metropolis. Fun fun.

Main cast:
  • Shelke Rui- High-school aged teenager, whose bedroom just happened to be in the basement, who had to miss school due to a fever on the day of this purging. As such, she is very much alive for this apocalypse, but has detached herself and emotions from the overall event.
  • Nero- Twenty-something laboratory experiment, part of the Sentient And Bothersome Life Extermination unit, released to kill off anything that happened to survive the purge. His main thing is that he finds Shelke interesting to observe, as he hasn't really experienced ANY sort of human emotion in twenty-ish years. Note that any and all encounters he has with Shelke will showcase him being REALLY FUCKING CREEPY.
  • Doctor Hojo- Released Nero into the world, telling him to kill off any remaining humans or he'd never see his beloved brother alive again.
  • Weiss- Status unknown. Nero's brother. Like always.
Anyone? Anyone?