September 23rd, 2010

Raziel Are You There God

La la la la la

Haven't been playing Dirge as much as I should. I've been in class, hanging out with men, studying, working... Wait, hanging out with men? YES. I wound up hanging out with an RPI boy the other day. Introduced him to Dirge. Amusing story. We were swapping stories about classes and he said that his old Physics teacher in high school was a creepy old man who picked on everyone. Then proceeded to do an imitation of his voice. It was uncannily similar to a certain Weiss-possessing doctor we all know, so I asked if he knew who Hojo was. He said no, so I dragged him to my dorm to make him listen to Hojo's voice. He, too, said it was uncanny.

I've fallen in with a new crowd. The Intervarsity crowd, to be exact. As in the Christian group on campus. They're nice. They're wicked nice. It's just weird, because I've always hung out with the stoner-types. I feel like I have to watch my words much more carefully than I normally would. Not that its a bad thing that I have to watch my mouth. Just odd.

So far, I've managed A averages in my courses. How the fuck did that happen? Oh, right, I've been ignoring fandom. -.-;;; I miss it. I really do. Miss talking with people about it. Russ only has a passing knowledge of Dirge, this new guy hasn't played anything on a PS2 (I was completely baffled), and Bri just rapes the headcanon of everything I talk about. So... Yeah...

Exam today, paper due by Saturday night, reading due by Tuesday, plus a bunch of other things.