September 17th, 2010

Jones Party Hat

... You're Kidding

So, we've known since forever that Nero is the poster boy for bondage. I accepted it a long time ago. Came to terms with it, if you will. However, while running around Googling fetish outfits for a Halloween party, I came across THIS. (Not really safe for work. Use discretion). The jacket is completely uncanny, just add mako lines, adjust the tie-up and away we go. Following the link a bit further took me into the bowels of a sex shop.

Dear Nero,

Alright, look... You... You can wear straight jackets. You always have, ever since I've known you. I'm okay with it. But when you start giving me the idea of making you the owner of a sex shop in fanfic, you are CROSSING THE LINE. Making this a Shelkero fic is crossing the line THAT MUCH MORE. STOP.


~ A.H.