December 23rd, 2009

Jones Party Hat

Alright then..

So, my GPA came back today. It's a 3.2, which is good but not good enough. So, what am I gonna do about it? 
  • Leave my PS2 cords at home: Probably the most difficult thing to do and the one that I'm looking forward to the least because I genuinely like playing my games. However, I know I have to sacrifice some things and, if raising my GPA means that I don't get to ogle Weiss every day, I'm sure he'll understand.
  • Attend office hours: A lot of eyebrows probably just went up in a "Shouldn't you have been doing that already?" but see my comment about the games. So, yeah...
  • Study more: There's a reason that the phrase Work-Study has the word "Study" at the end of it. It's because I'm supposed to be studying while working. Just because I have my flashdrive doesn't mean I'm allowed to work on fics on the job.
  • Plan things better: Just a general thing. That whole consecutive all-nighter thing does very little good for me in the long-run. So, yeah...

I'm not the most lucid creature on the planet right now. Ugh... Okay, I'm going to bed now.