December 22nd, 2009

Jones Party Hat


Just realized I've been incommunicado for about three days with nothing but a Weisskip in farewell. So, lets see, I got home, stayed for all of twelve hours, went to Bri's for about two days, came home, went shopping today and I have been screwing around on Kingdom Hearts Re:CoM instead of working on my massive ficload. So, it's been good, but I suppose I should get back into it.

Priority list FTW: 
Shelke-Secretary fic: I've been having staring contests with my laptop and my laptop has been winning. I'll be on tonight to work on it.
Matchstick: Has about 3 or so pages, but I've hit a bit of a dead-end. Will get back to it.
Dirge Ficlets/My Life is Average: These have been chasing each other around hitting each other with large sticks. Will also be worked on.
Torch: Need to work on it before the 13th.
Why is it So Dark in Here?: Needs to be worked on.

Hnnmmmnn... Also, I'll have pictures of the Christmas-fied house probably sometime on Christmas eve.

(I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize for any nightmares that the Weisskkip might have inflicted.)