December 15th, 2009

Jones Party Hat


So, I had a Chem exam today which was fantastic except for the fact that I blanked on a few bits of the last question and the fact that some idiot to my right was breathing through their nose the whole time, which is usually fine, except it was wheezing of all things. So a periodic squeaking noise, accompanied by the clicking of calculator buttons, flipping of pages, shifting of people in their seats, tapping from my roommate (she sits next to me in Chem for no tangible reason), tapping from other people behind me and Dr. Lewicki occasionally interrupting with information that is either already apparent to everyone or information he's already said = Terrible testing enviornment.

In about two hours, I'm going to haul my studying to the library. I can't work with other people in the room, be they unconscious or alive, and my roommate has decided to plunk down for a nap... At 10 AM. The funny thing is that, later tonight, she's going to bitch about how she can't sleep. I'll be bringing this up.

Dear Weiss,

You know that thing you do? That thing where you sit in the throne and look amazing? The thing that makes me want to hop into your (doubtlessly comfy) lap and start petting your hair? Stop doing that while I'm taking an exam.


~ A.H.

And if it wasn't him, it was the Lucky Star dance. I really wish I was kidding.

Lemme see, what else do I have to do? Oh, there's two different Calc reviews today. One was the one that Dr. Lawrence had actually planned, from 1 PM to 2 PM. The second one, though? Entirely Beth's fault. I was in the lounge, distinctly not stressing out over the exam, and she leans in and goes, "Do you want to form a study group?" I go, "With who?" She says basically anyone in our class. So I reserved a room in the Library and we're on for 5 PM to 6PM. Then I have work from 6 to 8. After that, I'll be studying for my Slavery in the Modern World exam and continue that studying after my Calc exam tomorrow (staggering my studies. I'm sooo good.). From there, it's just a quick WLD paper and I can clean up my room and pack up for home.

Honestly, though, I feel like this has gone by too fast. Like I missed something. It's not social interaction, because I did too much of that (or at least I did an excess, considering that last year I wouldn't have gone to one party and this year I've gone to three). I think I might have missed something about classes. Probably the immersion in the course. Which is fine, because I've set up some rules for myself. They're posted on the fridge, of all places.

I have a Chirstmas one-shot in mind for In Another Place. WeissNeroShelke, because I firmly believe that pairing needs more love than its given. Also, I have an idea for something cracky involving Shelke. And speaking of Shelke, do we know when her parents died? Old enough that she can speak to Shalua, but younger than 9, so we're looking at anywhere from 5 to 9... Hm...

Dear God, the horrors of

  • Okay, so Azul isn't my favorite. I can think of about 5 other guys in FF7 that are closer to the top than Azul. However, the man only has one fanfiction in his name, whereas Weiss has 20.
  • ... Remember about a paragraph ago where I said that WeissNeroShelke needs more love? I... I... Oh God... Go to and just look for Weiss as the character. About two or so in, you'll see something about Shelke being his and Nero's secretary and something about a Nemesis (Shelke, I had no idea you could morph into experiments from Resident Evil, dear...) On one hand, I'm judging too soon and I should read it. On the other hand, the last time I said that and followed through, I couldn't look at Murdoc or Noodle for a solid week.
  • I'm actually seeing a lot of things that are scaring me today, just in Weiss' section. Something about him and an OC... I mean, I write that, but I know its atrociously self-flattering, so I keep it to myself.
  • Lets go raid Nero's section... Okay, aside from some things that readingchick had already warned me about, plus some more OCs, I'm not seeing anything too scary. Surprising, considering that Nero isn't really a Fetish Fuel Station Attendant so much as walking Fetish Fuel. *ahem*
  • Onto Shelke, next. Oh God, not even a page in and I found something that turns my breakfast. Something about Shelke writing fanfics with Vincent to allieviate the pains from DG and something about a love triangle... HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK?!? Therapy fail...
  • Remember how I said yesterday that sometimes I wanted to jump up and down with the fandom and other times, I wanted to grab at their throats? It's another beautiful, throat-grabby day.
  • Onto Rosso, THE FIRST CROSSOVER I'VE SEEN! Actually, it's quite a plausible pairing. RossoxBellatrix anyone? Plus, it's an interesting break from the monotony of "Rosso and Genesis, Rosso and Genesis, Rosso and Vincent, Rosso and Genesis, OHGAWDROSSOANDNEROAWITBURNS!"
  • And curiosity killed the Weiss fangirl when she said, "Ooo, I wonder what the category "unknown character" is for?" Allow me to spare you: It's somehow for Crisis Core fanfics involved Cissnei... What the hell?
In short, I fear for the future of my fandom.