December 13th, 2009

Jones Party Hat


This fatigue... Darkness lurking at the corners of my vision... The feeling that I have to upgrade from coffee to a Monster... Yes... This is Final Fatalism 7: Dirge of Exams.


Excerpt from a conversation this morning.

"Weiss. Just... Weiss. Ohmygawd... Weiss. Yes. He and Nero render me incapable of everything but stuttering."

Urgh... Fangirl...

On the plus side, I got chapter 5 of Torch up... Several hours late. Ack... I'll get the next one up fairly early as compensation then. Onto Matchstick, then, even though chibi-fied versions of the Tsviets are chasing each other around with bits of dialogue for My Life Is Average. To clarify, that's mostly Weiss, Nero, Argent and Rosso running around. Shelke and Azul are sitting on the sidelines with juice, chatting about the weather.

So, I'm going home this Friday. It is then that you will recieve the massive amounts of Chirstmas pictures. Of course, that's if I make it through finals. Technically, I only have three, but I also have a paper to turn in for a class. Thankfully, two of those classes are having review sessions and the other one put out a study guide. Woooo... Okay... I can do this. I might have to channel some serious Zack the Puppy Fair energy, but I can do it.

I never talk about him. XDD Bri and I have this really awkward dialogue with Zack and Angeal's mom.

A.M.: Are you Zack the puppy?
Z.F.: Ahaha... No ma'am, note the lack of floppy ears, the lack of wagging tail and this baby-soft skin. No, I'm-
A.M.: But he said so in his letter. *hands Zack a letter*
Z.F.: Huh? *reads* "Uke?" "Easy to get in bed?!" "Restless puppy and perfect housewife?!?" Angeeeeeeeeeal...
Angeal: *wherever he was* :D

... Bri and I just shouldn't be allowed to talk about things. Evar.