November 30th, 2009

Jones Party Hat

Slacking off or catching up?

Either way, I'm on LJ during work.

Congrats to everyone finishing NaNo this week and in the week past! <33333 A hypothetical vial of fizzy non-alcoholic champagne is raised in your honor.

Today is Nero Day in my head, which means that I've been attempting a Nero-like attitude all day and he's been on my mind all day. I started breaking around lunch when I got quite giggly and started discussing some of the more private anatomy of Weiss and Nero. Quote worth mentioning: "Well, Nero's pants are awfully tight, so it looks like he wins, but Weiss' pants aren't exactly telling." ... I need to start eating regularly. The on-and-off approach to it puts my blood sugar through the ringer.

After that, I went shopping. I got milk and minutes and the book that I had called in for last week. I am now the proud owner of Sylvia Plath's Collected Poems. *GLEE* They're a treat for getting all my assignments done on time this week. If I do it, I'm locking myself up in my room and reading during the time my roommate is back at her parents'. If I don't, I'm keeping the book locked in a drawer until Christmas.

I got an epically adorable idea of Nero petting Shelke's hair back like someone would pet a cat. At first, she had a look of, "Oh, that feels nice" but now it's a more in-character, "What are you doing?" sort of face. XD

Roommate: I've been sneezing all day.
Me: *Shelke voice* We shall administer a cure.