November 28th, 2009

Jones Party Hat


I'm not sure if you've ever found a notebook that you haven't seen in a year, but I recommend flipping through it. Especially if you used to doodle in it. Every other page had some random doodle of Nero on it. Or Weiss. Sometimes Axel would show up in a schoolgirl uniform. Also wrote up some god-awful poetry, back in the day, but the sestina I wrote in my "WeissxNero is lurve" phase isn't too bad. I'll need to check it over.

Bri is coming over in about three hours and we're making Creme de Menthe brownies for the Aikido club. Wooo..

I've discovered that the cream my mom gave me for acne is, in fact, not supposed to be applied all over the face, but only to the point where the zit is. My face feels like a lizard's because I didn't quite comrehend that until AFTER my skin dried out. Urgh..

I played Clint Eastwood on drums today. All the way through. >:3 I feel sooo very badass. I might play some more bass tabs before I sleep tonight because we're going back to New York tomorrow. With cookies. Chocolate chip cookies. Hee hee hee, Weiss. <3

There were doodles of him in my notebook too. Quite bizarre. I still can't draw him. And snippets of fanfictions. A bit of "Edit Before Submitting" is in there. If I had a scanner, I'd just upload half of what I'm talking about. The other half would remain locked away in that poor notebook forever.
I can't wait to get back to school. My PS2 is there. It's been calling me since I got here. It's all, "Meg... Meg... Come play some Dirge. You know you wanna hear Nero's sexy voice some more." And I'm like, "Yes, I know, but Nero's sexy voice can be easily accessed online. The feeling of 'HomuhGawdyes!' that I get from killing bad guys in Odin Sphere cannot." And Nero slinks back and accepts that, because he's awesome and Nero and he has Weiss and Shelke in the back of my mind anyway. So, yeah, I want the PS2 so that I can molest Odin Sphere.
I'm sort of tempted to bring FFX back to college with me. I mean, I never played it all the way through and, from the "Whaddya mean you didn't play all of it?" testimonies I'm getting, it sounds really good. Ditto FF12, which I just kinda went, "Okay whatever," to and never really paid attention to it. So I'll probably do that too.
In addition to all this, I have a bunch of papers to write up, so it looks like Final Fantasy is gonna hafta wait. *Sigh* But it would be so CATHARTIC to just shove a Psypher up the arse of some random dragon-thing instead of writing about how capoeira is a highly influential African continuism and what I learned from a Calculus project.