November 27th, 2009

Jones Party Hat


So, readingchick and I were having a good conversation online and she mentioned rather off-handedly that Rosso would seduce Weiss. After a bit, she goes, "Well, he'd be around 19. He's not going to say no." I had my fingers poised on the homekeys to refute this claim when I realized that I can't refute the claim. He would hit it with her. And he HAS been hitting it with her, in my head, since readingchick put the idea in my head. They stopped for my wtf-dream, which I'll expand on later, but started up within three minutes of my waking up. He ought to be calling a doctor for that erection at this point.

My dream was insane. I was going to classes and I forgot whether or not I had scheduled a therapy appointment during that time. Well, as I was running around the Science Hall, looking for my backpack, I suddenly became Zexion and had a rather giant Vexen yelling at me. By the time I got out, I had become myself again and there was a van to an asylum on the corner.


Also, I've decided that I should be grateful for the information we're given on Weiss. We know nothing about Argent. How old is she? How tall? All the information we have on Weiss is lacking with Argent.

Just got back from BJ's with a huge amount of stuff to take back to my dorm. Mostly food, but I got more shampoo, conditioner and soap while I was there. Glee. I also saw Bri her mom and her mom's mom just leaving. You know it's an awesome day when you see your girlfriend went you didn't expect to.

I'm working on a special surprise in Torch and I'm hoping to get another chapter of Matchstick up as a Christmas present. :D





(EDIT: I just saw a WeissxRosso fanart on Deviantart. *whimper*)